"The Original Pickleballpic"

The Original Pickleballpic

The Big 10 Workout for 2 is one of our toughest, yet most satisfying workouts. It incorporates all the shots of pickleball and, at the same time, helps to develop the all important element of conditioning. The workout can take up to two hours, depending upon the one on one session at the end of the workout, or any other time during the workout that one needs to stop and emphasis some reoccurring mistake being made. But, it is best to work the workout, note the mistakes and move on to its completion. Mistakes can be emphasized in workouts specifically designed for their improvement. Key: All of these drills are done with a full Pic at the side of each player. (36+ balls)

*Drill #1 - 50 dinks in a row, no misses, 3 sets. Miss, start over again. (Pics close at hand, reach in, get another ball, move on)

*Drill #2 - Walk Aways. Players start in the middle hitting dinks to each other as they walk away from one another causing the dinks to become longer and longer. The players continue to dink, returning to the middle, and then going in the opposite direction, ending where they started - in the middle. ( Pics close at hand, reach in, get another ball, move on)

*Drill #3 - 2 Ball Dinks. One player has two balls in his hand. Dinks the first over the net, hesitates, dinks the second. Keep the balls going until a miss occurs. Repeat 3 times. (Pics close at hand, reach in, get another ball, move on)

*Drill #4 - 1,2,3 lob. Player A hits the dink to player B on the other side. (That's 1), B hits a return dink (That's 2), A hits a second dink to B and B hits a lob over A's head toward the baseline. Each player hits approx. 15 lobs. (Pics close at hand, rach in, get another ball, move on)

*Drill #5 - Sharp Volleys - Players stand at the kitchen line, hitting sharp volleys back and forward for as long as possible without stopping. Keep it going by hitting half volleys (short hoops) Use up all the balls in each Pic.

Stop to pick up all balls

*Drill #6 - Smashes. Player A stands at the kitchen line, player B stands approximately half way between the baseline and kitchen line. Player B hits hard smashes at player A until all his balls are used up. Than the roles are reversed. A now hits hard shots at B.

Stop to pick up all balls

Go a second time hitting smashes. The player hitting can move closer and closer to the net - whatever the other player can handle.

*Drill #7 - Baseline Drop Shots - A stands on the baseline, hits deep return shots to B. B hits drop shots just over the net. Then reverse the roles with B hitting deep shots and A attempting the baseline drop shot over the net. (Never hurts to go a second time)

Stop to pick up all balls

*Drill #8 - 2 ball deep return and rush the net- Player A has two balls in his hand. He hits the first one to B, who returns it deep, then rushes the net. As soon as B hits the ball, A hesitates, then hits the second ball so that B meets the second ball at the net. B completes a dink, sharp dink, sharp middle low shot, etc. A uses up half his balls, the B now starts to hit to A until half his balls are gone. The reverse to A hitting to B, the rest of his balls, and B hitting to A, the rest of his balls.

Stop to pick up all balls

*Drill #9 - Overhead Smashes - A hits lofted shots to B who hits overhead smashes. B now returns the favor for A. A hitting the smashes.

Stop to pick up all balls

*Drill #10 - One on one, half Court- Players face each other on half the court, vertically. The play points. Use all or most of the balls in each Pic until tired.

Pick up the balls - your done, great job!!!